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Microscopy Facility Director (#635)

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Staff in Science Center
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Position Filled - not Accepting Applications
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We are not accepting applications for this position at this time.

As the head of the Mount Holyoke College Science Center Microscopy Facility (MF), the Microscopy Director is responsible for general maintenance of MF equipment, including electron, light, atomic force, and flourescence microscopes as well as related sample preparation equipment.  The Director will also be responsible for the training of users on said equipment and will have the potential to teach a course in microscopy to our students.  The equipment includes The Microscopy Director reports to the Microscopy Steering Committee and Director of the Science Center.

Core Duties:

  • maintains microscopy facility microscopes which include light, fluorescence atomic force, and electron microscopes
  • trains students, faculty, and staff on microscope use and sample preparation
  • prepares and oversees budget, makes all purchases for the microscopy facility
  • seeks funds to upgrade existing equipment and acquire new equipment
  • provides expertise to assist faculty and staff with their microscopy-related purchases
  • coordinates service with microscope service providers
  • generates standard operating procedures for new equipment and sample preparations
  • backs up all data on microscope computers & works with IT staff to develop data storage plans
  • calibrates microscopes
  • hooks up gas tanks to instruments
  • provides limited course assistance to faculty
  • makes lab solutions and buffers for sample preparations used in courses relying on MF
  • coordinates hazardous waste removal

Knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • excellent interpersonal skills
  • excellent communications skills
  • ability to teach a course in microscopy
  • knowledge of optics (electron optics beneficial)
  • knowledge of cell and molecular biology
  • good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • comfortable with basic tools and a good mechanical aptitude
  • strong ability to interpret primary literature
  • patience, compassion, and empathy

Educational Requirements:

PhD or MS/MA

Physical Requirements:

bending, lifting (no more than 30 lbs)

This is a 12-month, full-time benefited staff position.  Application review will begin February 9, 2018, and continue until the position is filled.  Inquiries may be directed to Gary Gillis at ggillis@mtholyoke.edu.



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