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Geoscience Technician (#865)

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Staff in Geology & Geography
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The geoscience technician position is a 10-month (40-week), 20-hours-per-week position. A Bachelor's Degree is expected. This person is responsible for facilitating departmental teaching and research activities. General duties include maintenance of departmental equipment and instrumentation, training students on the use of equipment and computer applications, making petrographic thin sections and polished sections, maintaining the department computer labs (hardware and software), cleaning and organizing teaching and research labs, maintaining and organizing field equipment, maintaining safety devices and safety supplies, and ensuring compliance with OSHA and chemical safety regulations in laboratories.

Specific duties of this job include rock sample preparation (including slabbing, sawing, crushing, thin sectioning, grinding, polishing, and carbon coating), scanning electron microscope operation and instruction of students in the operation of this equipment, as well as assistance with faculty and student research. Other miscellaneous duties include curating rock, mineral and fossil collections, display preparation and cleaning, van upkeep (tidying), maintenance of equipment including some equipment repair. The geoscience technician may periodically be asked to work in research labs at the University of Massachusetts, assist in introductory labs, and assist in preparation for department field trips. Candidates must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

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