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Nursing staff provides professional services in an atmosphere of respect for the dignity and diversity of each patient. Staff nurses are supervised by the Nursing Coordinator in collaboration with the Director of College Health Services.



  • Triage patients - by phone or face-to-face - collecting patient history and performing assessment to determine immediate patient need within the scope of nursing practice.
  • Follow clinical protocols in the assessment of illnesses and injuries to provide self-care education, treatment or to schedule a clinician visit. Educate students in prevention of illness, self-care and optimal health maintenance.
  • Perform appropriate patient treatments and diagnostics per department protocol and/or clinician orders. Nurses will maintain competency in clinical procedures and complete annual lab competency testing.
  • Fill clinicians' orders for medication and administer as ordered, following the Five Rights of Medication Administration.
  • Document both subjective and objective assessment data, nursing diagnosis, interventions and evaluations in a SOAPE note format.
  • Provide professional nursing care to infirmary patients, following a clinician's orders and by implementing nursing care.
  • Prepare documents for patient transport; document transports and follow-up with patient. Request medical records and contact student post ER visits or hospital discharge.
  • Support Counseling Services by triaging patients after hours, providing observation of mental health patients and arranging ER transport as needed.
  • Review medical records for patient compliance with state regulations and administer immunizations as required.
  • Participate in the management of a communicable disease outbreak on campus, following a public health model, in conjunction with the state epidemiologist and the Medical Director.
  • Conduct environmental rounds monthly and equipment assessment each shift; reporting areas of concern.
  • Support and participate in the orientation of newly hired RN's and other Health Services and student staff.
  • Protect the confidentiality of patient information to ensure a sense of safety and security and compliance with state, federal and college policies.
  • Maintain the integrity of all medications, following Health Center policies and procedures.
  • Request medication delivery from the pharmacy per clinician orders, and problem solve supply and delivery issues.
  • Maintain knowledge of current trends and practices in nursing and ambulatory care by attending conferences, watching webinars and reading professional journals.


  • Assist in the orientation, training and ongoing clinical supervision of Student Health Aides.
  • Support overall goals of Health Services by participating in campus-wide and division functions.
  • Actively participate in review and revision of nursing protocols, policies and procedures, as well as participate in Quality Assurance Projects as assigned.
  • Attend monthly nursing and staff meetings and August and January Staff Days to stay up-to-date regarding Health Services.
  • Process pharmacy prescription pick-ups and Health Services related transactions during weekends and evenings using the One-Card systems.
  • Participate in project work as assigned.
  • Participate in Diversity and Inclusion training on an ongoing basis, as offered by Health Services and the College.

Qualifications: Current Massachusetts RN licensure


  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in acute care, ER or outpatient adult practice
  • Autonomy in nursing practice
  • CPR certification
  • Triage skills
  • IV insertion and management
  • Experience with electronic medical records
  • Ability to interact with a diverse population on a range of health concerns
  • Ability to work with a range of disciplines to provide comprehensive care

Desirable Experience: BSN, ACLS training, Public Health background, phlebotomy skills, experienced with allergy immunotherapy, substance abuse and mental health issues, women's health an

Mount Holyoke College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Mount Holyoke College is committed to enriching the educational experience it offers through the diversity of its faculty, administration, and staff members. Mount Holyoke seeks to recruit and support a broadly diverse team who will contribute to the college's excellence, diversity of viewpoints and experiences, and relevance in a global society. In furtherance of institutional excellence, the College encourages applications from individuals from underrepresented groups, including faculty, staff, and administration of color, diverse gender identities, first generation college students and individuals who have followed non-traditional pathways to college, and individuals with a demonstrated leadership commitment to including diverse backgrounds and perspectives.